Monthly Archives: February 2019

Missing dependency

No idea how a missing dependency could sneak its way into the package, but still parallel:detectCores() was not imported from the package. This bug is now fixed in

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Bugfix in eQTL/QTL

There was a bug in the joinEQTL() subfunction. If no SNPs were in the window to be tested for eQTL, the joining got haywired and threw an error. This is not fixed in developer release version

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New versions on Cran

Today the versions 0.2.8 for GenomicTools and 0.1.4 for GenomicTools.fileHandler have been released with a couple of bugfixes and a list of new features. In details we have * prereadGTF() function added * importGTF() function can now merge several gtfs … Continue reading

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