New versions on Cran

Today the versions 0.2.8 for GenomicTools and 0.1.4 for GenomicTools.fileHandler have been released with a couple of bugfixes and a list of new features. In details we have

* prereadGTF() function added
* importGTF() function can now merge several gtfs into one data table
* importFeatureCounts() function added
* typo in ‘importPED()’ fixed
* Bug fixed in rearranged()
* QTL does now accept also plain vectors and matrices as input for genotypes
* importGTF issue fixed with auto separation detection from fread()
* improved input checks of importGTF()
* import* functions Deprecated and moved to the new package GenomicTools.fileHandler
* print.qtlRes handles now output without significant results
* bugfix in eqtlDir and eqtlLM (error, if only one SNP is tested)
* Couple of smaller bugfixes
* importVCF moved to GenomicTools.fileHandler
* No empty (=NA or NaN) p.values will be printed anymore in print.eqtl output
* Curtesy feedback for missing URl in getRSLocation
* getRSLocation URL adjusted to new Ensembl server adresses

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